Honeycomb blinds

The Honeycomb Shade is a blind incorporating a multi-cell blanket of non-woven fabric made of polyester fibre, with a head rail and bottom rail. It is an internal product, and is available as either a ‘spun lace’ translucent material or a blockout material, depending on cell size chosen.


  • Excellent insulation properties, keeping the room warm in winter and cool in summer
  • Very low thermal transference, making it exceptionally energy efficient
  • Special colour ranges available for either semi opaque or blockout finish
  • Available in a number of operating systems, including corded and cordless versions, Day & Night and Side Guided options to give you the optimal light control and privacy options you desire
  • Aluminium head rail and bottom rail, in a variety of colour options
  • Available in a range of single or double cell sizes to suit décor or proportion
  • Blanket widths available in either 25mm or 45mm sizes (when stacked flat)
  • Polyester fibre ensures material will not degrade over time, as can happen with natural fabrics
  • Installation brackets are provided to mount on either the inside or the outside of the window frame


Honeycomb Shades are available in two distinct types of fabric, and both are available in semi-opaque and blockout options to allow you to design the light flow specific to the location. All fabrics are durable and water repellent, and will deliver insulation, privacy and sound absorption benefits to the window.


Embossed fabric texture for heightened refinement. The premium fabric gives the shades crisper pleats and remarkable strength. UltraCel™ offers the widest colour selection to provide limitless décor schemes. Look no further than UltraCel™ for unmatched beauty and quality.


Technically advanced fabric that insures softness and dimensional stability. Durable and light, it also assures reliability and ease of operation. SoftCel™ provides versatility and a contemporary feel, perfect for any room. These qualities make SoftCel™ the ideal choice when seeking functionality and value.

Semi opaque

Is a light-filtering shade. The fabric is available in a large range of pastel, neutral & darker colours.  The material is a high quality polyester fabric that is spun by water jets rather than woven. This adds to the strength and durability of the fabric. This is the same type of fabric that is used in wet wipes. It can be washed if required.  Semi Opaque is available in 9.5mm & 19mm Single Cell or 12.5mm Double Cell sizes.  The colours & cell sizes available vary between the ranges and application types. Refer to the easy reference guides for specific options.


Is a light-blocking shade. This blind has a blockout coating to ensure that they really do darken a room. With only 3-5mm gap at the side they are one of the best room darkening blinds you can purchase. Blockout fabrics have a higher thermal efficiency than the Semi Opaque fabrics.  Blockout is available in 9.5mm and 19mm cell sizes, but may not be available in some applications. Refer to the easy reference guides for specific options.

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